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So he should take care of his health after 25 September. Over and above from 22 October he will be running 56th year so his 8th house will be activated as per Bhrigu Chakra System. He must must take care and have cardiac check up regularly. From 10 November Mars will be in Libra over his Sun who is lord of 12th so to my view he should take more care in November December and especially around 15 November.

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If nothing is happened in these 2 months then Mars will move to 4th house of heart on 8 February where his Ketu is seated. So February also not good for health. I fear some cardiac ailments and he will require angiography during any of the above cited periods. Astrological science is for precautions and warning. Writing my weekly column in leading newspapers of Gujarat like Gujarat Samachar, Sandesh, Divya Bhasker and like for last 37 years. Will Pakistan go to war with India? Rahu Role in Progeny — Astrology Research.

My New Book: "The Body and The Cosmos" Kindle Edition Pre-Order Now on Amazon!

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Iranian calendars

Promise of Second Marriage in Horoscope. Suicide in Vedic Astrology. A Worst Conjunction — Rahu Jupiter. Medical Astrology and Rahu Ketu transit — Home Politician astrology Mr. Amit Shah Birth Chart Analysis.

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Amit Shah chart analysis prediction. Politician astrology Celebrity astrology. By Ashwin Rawal Last updated Sep 6, Bhadra Yoga in Vedic Astrology Apr 17, List of Yogas in Vedic Astrology Mar 31, Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga Mar 30, Saturn Transit Jun 12, Jun 7, At once a theoretical exploration, and simultaneously a practical guide, filled with movement suggestions and guided meditations.

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  • It is meant to be a starting point, to facilitate a deep connection to a cosmos you can feel within. However, if you pre-order your eBook today You will receive:.

    Weekly Urdu Horoscope - Free Weekly Urdu Astrology Horoscope

    This Series of classes will be practical and strategy oriented, with a focus on interpretations and techniques you can apply immediately, and incorporating concrete strategies to make gains and see an improvement in your life. A Special Note about Astrological magic classes: I am also careful to treat this topic with the respect it deserves.

    We will not be initiating anyone into a specific tradition. Rather, these classes help you to appreciate how astrology can speak to you. All classes come with a video download that you can watch and learn from infinitely. Nadiya Shah. The insight, the wisdom, the brilliance moves me deeply. I got a reading of my own and it was so truly relevant and what I needed.

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    • You know that moment when you get chills realizing you are where you are supposed to be, in more ways than one? See More See Less. Nadiya Shah's Newsletter.

      ustanovka-kondicionera-deshevo.ru/libraries/2019-11-29/3749.php These audios are recorded especially to facilitate a profound connection with each archetype of the zodiac. Nadiya will lead you on a guided meditation, usually around minutes each, as we explore the spiritual and personal connection you hold with the cosmos in you.