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What better way to celebrate that fact than to pounce and roll, bite and nibble, and be lapped at all over with a cat-like tongue by a libertine Leo? An appreciation for the carnal is a way of life, just the way it is in nature — and a Leo knows this well, being profoundly in touch with her own vital Eros or life-force energy.

Be certain to show proper adulation to your Cat Goddess, for these supreme embodiments of the fire element adore being worshipped. Find out how she enjoys being petted and all the most effective ways to make your kitty purr, and you will be rewarded in return with the affection of a generous and loyal Leo lover.

Leo woman personality traits and characteristics

Her domain is her haven, and it must be such a perfect outer expression of her rich inner world that everyone who walks in the door gets an immediate sense of her fabulous aesthetic and unconventional taste. Prepare to be bombarded by scents: heavy incense, perfume, and rich, spicy cooking smells may either intoxicate or overwhelm you or both! Given their characteristics, lion mamas are generally loving and magnanimous parents, devoted to caring for their young with a big, warm heart and arms ready to offer cozy hugs.

A Leo mother can behave like a fierce mama tiger if she believes her cubs are threatened.

Leo: Discover The Leo Personality's Positive And Negative Traits

She can be overbearing with that protectiveness at times, and her doting can easily go over the top. Leo mothers love to spoil their little ones rotten, and want their beautiful babies to be admired by the world. Pageant moms and child actors abound here. In the wild, the female lions are the head huntresses who do the majority of procuring food for their pack. Sans flowing mane, and typically less flamboyant and showy than their male counterparts, these vigorous dinner-stalkers are out in the tall grass doing the slightly less glamorous work of making sure everyone is fed.

Meanwhile, the kings of the forest are lolling around wondering when the zebra meat will arrive.

The parallel in nature can often be found with female and male Leos in the workplace. For centuries, society has dictated that men take the glory while women do much of the unseen and uncelebrated labor, and though we are all currently striving to break free of those outdated and unfair roles, sometimes human egos and our complicated personalities contrive to keep them in place. Ferociously hard workers, Leo ladies will attack a job with tooth and claw until it is complete.

With their vividly creative characteristics, any career in art, performance, or theatre will suit them well.

Leo zodiac sign dates:

Their tendency to gain reputations as drama queens can be put to good use, as long as they can find their way to center stage and channel their fierceness into something that has deep meaning for them. Even the closest friend will never come to know about her bad or good deed. I mean she wants to do things hurriedly to please herself and not others. In the long run, other people will start to ask why Leo women have succeeded more than them. She is a know-it-all kind of lady. However, her excess pride makes her lazy towards achieving her goals. Constant motivation and energy act as a success dose for her.

Leo Characteristics and Personality

But little did she know that once she is in control, she will forget about her close friends. She is an in and out loyal woman. She gives an endless love and support to her family as she expects the same thing in return. However, when not in the same measure she gets hurt and anger starts to define the Leo woman. Like I always say, it is one of the hardest questions to understand. The favorite part is that she comes with a sizable and loyal heart.

https://apsicreso.tk She will always put you on her top priority list. Despite all, she is the type of woman that envies to be treated with respect and devotion. Allow me to say that she is a high maintenance persona. Leo female background matters a lot when it comes to this. Above all, she wants to dance in the rain and smell your fragrance all night long. Not because of thirst for you but because of your faithfulness and loyalty.

Dating her can be an exhaustive task, she possesses strong energy that can move a mountain. In that note, you should always take care of her from head to toe. An admirable trait of a Leo woman is her enthusiasm for life and complete reassurance. She will never lack admirers in her territory. She is a social damsel in her unique way. The hilarious thing is that her black book is fully crammed with hidden contacts. Her diary is regularly double booked. She loves luxury life and new accessories.

When it comes to fashion, she defines class without even uttering a word. She is not expensive but exclusive in her way. Style and out of world taste is her in-thing. She tends to carry an intense fashion trend, thanks to her extreme confidence. Whether she is a male or a female Leo, both will always have an admirable background. I am still on the topic of Leo woman of course. She tends to welcome a sense of attention as she continues to publicize her dramatic flair.

She also has an analytical mind that positively affects her. She is an extravagance and money will never lack in her pocket. She not only adapts to the different environment but she is a hard worker who loves to earn from her sweat. Her end motive is to set a good example both in society and family life. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Username or Email Address.

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